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Amanda and Jamie

Sorry I've not replied sooner! They have actually just arrived now & they look far better than I expected. I'm impressed with the size!! I'm sure Jamie will be also & I look forward to showing him when he gets home. 

Thanks so much for the advice on the belt & I know Jamie will be keen to try it out. His heals are very badly cracked (worse than the photo on the file packet). I will certainly get photos. 

Regarding the horse hooves I'm excited to try it but will depend on how the belt holds up & how the size/style of the handle works. I will give this a go later in the week/weekend as I'm flat out with work at the moment. If they do work I'm more than happy to help promote them in the horse world. 




I stumbled across Flipnfile by accident when googling how to fix my horribly cracking feet. My feet were BAD to the point where the cracks were bleeding and it was almost like I had a cuts on the bottom of my big toes the cracks were that deep.As a woman this was mortifying. I tried your standard files, pedicures and creams to no avail. The only thing that worked was going to a podiatrist but at $80 a session this was working out expensive. When i first received the Flipnfile I immediately tried it on my big toes (dry) and I honestly couldn't believe the results. They were amazing and my skin felt so much better. When I tried it in the shower as directed the results were even better. It's now been 3 months and my feet have honestly never looked or felt better. I have been a bit slack during ISO and haven't been using it daily but honestly the results are still amazing. I can only imagine how perfect my feet would be with daily use. Thank you so much for creating this. It's such a relief to "normal" feet for the first time in many years especially as i'm a QLD'er so basically live in thongs. 

Hope that helps - i truly love your product. Well done!


The FlipNFile is a basic concept that works!

I have tried other products including the Scholl battery operated foot file which was ‘almost' effective . .  if you had hours to spend running it over your feet!!

In no time, the FlipNFile gives you a very satisfactory result. It does a good job. Happy with that!




The FlipNFile has been amazing for my feet it’s simple ease of application allowed me to clear all the hard and dead skin from my heels. No messy creams needed and it’s a simple process in the shower. I was surprised at how quickly it works what a great invention!

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