A serious solution for cracked heels
Strong, fast and effective - 100% Australian Designed & Made
From cracked foot to smooth feet

FlipNFile is an innovative foot care product.

Do you want to have or dream about having nice smooth feet? FlipNFile will give you this. The key difference between FlipNFile and all other foot care products is ours curves around your body. The body is round....not flat! FlipNFile is hand-held, unbreakable, 100% waterproof, strong, fast, flexible and so effective. No Batteries Required. Ideally kept in your shower to help maintain your feet and hands. This makes it more hygienic as all dead skin cells and foot dust gets washed straight down the drain. Easy-to-use and easy-to-flip either with your hands or over your knee making it easy to change from coarse to fine. More effective than a pumice stone and quicker and more durable than other product on the market. Save time and money not going to the doctor or podiatrist with unsightly or painful feet. 

FlipNFile will effectively and hygienically remove excess skin build-up from your feet and that also helps reduce foot odour when used daily. Ideal for men or women of any age. Limited Stock Available.


 Strong and Durable

  • More effective than a pumice stone
  • More durable than competing products
  • Two Distinct Industrial Grits 60/120
  • Long-Lasting Design

 Flexible and Portable

  • Easy-to-Use. Quick & Easy to Hold
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Wood, Metal, Plastic, Plaster
  • Perfect for smoothing or finishing DIY jobs
  • Innovative flipping technology enables use on hard, soft, straight or curved surfaces

 Made for Aussies

  • 100% Waterproof
  • No Batteries Required
  • Safer than foot shavers or razor blades.
  • Proudly 100% Australian Designed and Made

FLIPN AWESOME! The unique flipping action is quite addictive and satisfying (Can cause FCA *Flipping Complex Addiction :-P )


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FlipNFile is an Australian Owned & Operated company. All profits remain right here. AU Flag

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