Many Other Uses

The best multi-use tool to have in your toolbox.

PLASTER - We have found the FlipNFile to be ideal in many different situations. After my son accidentally put a hole in our wall, I had to re-plaster it myself. It was small area but I grabbed my FlipNFile out of the shower and used it to smooth the plaster back on the wall. Worked perfectly.

METAL - Great for light deburring. Works a treat.

PLASTIC - Ok, this is by far, my favourite discovery of all. After recently purchasing a 3D printer, using the black/fine side of the FlipNFile, we were easily able to lightly file away any imperfections on our 3D prints. Also able to file or smooth perspex or any type of plastics. I had a girlfriend who used it on her hair-comb, which was catching on her hair, she was excited to use it on something other than her feet. And I'm sure there are many other uses on plastic we have not yet discovered.