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Why the FlipNFile was Invented

For decades I suffered from dry, cracked, hard and sore heels. Over the years I tried many things to alleviate the problem. Over time the cracks increased, got deeper and deeper, painful, unsightly and even bled at times. It’s a shame I didn’t take photos, but then again, I was always embarrassed and hid them.

After inventing the FlipNFile, and after regular use, my feet are now nice, soft feet, and with crack free heels. In saying that, even today, I have to use my FlipNFile daily in the shower to keep on top of it. (It’s easier than brushing my teeth). Sometimes I will also use Heel balm as a moisturizer. It also removes the nicotine stains from my fingers. For shower use, it is very hygienic as all the dead skin goes down the drain. Some men think taking care of their feet is a ‘female’ thing until their own feet really start to hurt &/or bleed.

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