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About FlipNFile

Let’s say a friend of mine had problems with his hard cracked heels since his late 30’s. Over the years it got worse until in his late 40’s he had cracks 5mm or so deep and at times the cracks bled. He was so sore and embarrassed by this he wouldn’t show his bare feet to anyone, hiding it and probably making it worse as he wouldn’t let his feet breathe and dry out. 

He tried many things to remove the dead skin over the years. From the classic Pumice stone which was a waste of time, to most of the toy foot abraders with plastic handles which break off, to the metal ‘cheese graters’ which opened the cracks further, to safety razors which never really did the job and he couldn’t get near the soft skin as it would bleed and hurt, to a ‘Stanley type’ knife which sometimes went too deep resulting in blood then the scary operation to slice back the other way to meet up with the first cut, to a Makita 9031 belt sander which worked really well but got hot and to top that off he abraded his ankle once so that ended that method, to using various wooden boards with abrasive belts on them, to finally the FlipnFile. His brother, who suffers the same as him with his feet went another step, he uses an angle grinder with a Flap Disc. 

So now this friend uses his FlipnFile in the shower daily and his feet are awesome. He only wished he had gotten onto it earlier.

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