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Why the FlipNFile was Invented

For decades I suffered from dry, cracked, hard and sore heels. Over the years I tried many things to alleviate the problem. Over time the cracks increased, got deeper and deeper, painful, unsightly and even bled at times. It’s a shame I didn’t take photos, but then again, I was always embarrassed and hid them.

After inventing the FlipNFile, and after regular use, my feet are now nice, soft feet, and with crack free heels. In saying that, even today, I have to use my FlipNFile daily in the shower to keep on top of it. (It’s easier than brushing my teeth). Sometimes I will also use Heel balm as a moisturizer. It also removes the nicotine stains from my fingers. For shower use, it is very hygienic as all the dead skin goes down the drain. Some men think taking care of their feet is a ‘female’ thing until their own feet really start to hurt &/or bleed.


Before FlipNFile, I tried many ways to remove the thick layer of dead skin:

  1. Used Pumice stones but these were way too tame for my needs.
  2. Tried a ‘Stanley’/box cutter knife, carefully paring my heels down, but once I went too deep into the red flesh and it bled. OUCH! Then had to try even it up by cutting back the other way. Not a nice experience! That was the last time I used my used ‘Stanley’ type knife on my heels.
  3. Tried special slicing type safety razors and graters but had little success with these.
  4. Bought many types of abrasives including the plastic handled type ones seen in Chemist shops. These worked for a short time until the handle snapped trying to put more pressure to get the job done quicker. (I have NEVER broken a FlipNFile).
  5. I’ve even resorted to using a Makita 2030 belt sander, which worked really well and fast but had problems with my heels getting very hot when I left it on too long. Then I slipped and sanded my ankle once. That was the last time I used my belt sander on my heels.
  6. One I didn’t try was what my brother did as he had a similar problem. His solution was to use an angle grinder with a Flap Disc on his heels. Now that’s radical and dangerous!!! (Please kids DO NOT try this at home!)
  7. So I invented FlipNFile. Problem solved!

Since making the FlipNFile, I’ve bought a lot of other battery-powered, rotating or spinning devices that have come onto the market, to see how they compared to the FlipNFile. One in a Chemist shop, you could easily stop it with one finger. The other problem with these is the dead skin cells are thrown all over the place. Breathing in or eating foot dust? Yuck!

Keep your FlipNFile in the shower. It stays clean and all the dead skin goes down the drain and not into the air like other types of products. You will find it amazing how well it works and contours to all the parts of your foot and any area on the body that has skin build-up, how clean it stays considering most things left in a shower get a slimy feel, this doesn’t. Even the platen is slime free and the belt is 100% waterproof and stays very clean. If you use it dry the belt loads up and doesn't work as well but can be cleaned.

After inventing this product, I found there were many other uses also. Filing or sanding wood or other materials. A friend has also used it for minor plastering jobs in her house. Also can be used and is great for sanding off paint or rust. It's also handy in the workshop and will smooth metal, plastic & wood. The life span of your FlipNFile will depend on what you use it on.


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