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The FlipNFile  - The Ultimate Abrader Tool!

The FlipNFile is a hand-held abrasive tool designed to provide two different methods of filing surfaces, and two different grits that can be used with either method. Simple, yet ingenious!

(Incl. 10% tax)

Bundle and Save!

What can be better than using one FlipNFile? Getting two, along with a FREE FlipNFile Hanger!

Strictly only while stocks last!

(Incl. 10% tax)

Perfect for hanging two FlipNFile!

The FlipnFile Hanger attaches to any smooth surface via the inbuilt suction cup. With two safety hooks that are smooth and safe, you can easily hang two FlipNFile (His & Hers) from the hanger.

(Incl. 10% tax)
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