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The Original FlipNFile

The Original FlipNFile

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The FlipNFile  - The Ultimate Abrader Tool!

The FlipNFile is a hand-held abrasive tool designed to provide two different methods of filing surfaces, and two different grits that can be used with either method. Simple, yet ingenious!

The first mode of the FlipNFile will provide a rigid surface, perfect for filing flat surfaces, hard edges and lumpy areas. Flip it, and you've got the second mode, perfect for curved surfaces. Combining the two different grit types allows you to tackle your filing with gusto or finesse, depending on your application.

The FlipNFile is perfect for tackling cracked feet, dry skin and lumpy dry areas of the body. It is also well suited to woodwork, metalwork and general carpentry.

Flip it, File it, Heal it, Feel It... FlipN Awesome!

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