FlipNFile is an Australian Owned & Operated company. All profits remain right here. AU Flag

About FlipNFile

FlipNFile is a 100% owned and operated Australian business, and have finally launched direct to the public.

Over the years we have been discovering pain points in everyday people’s lives to help think of and discover new and innovative ways of making life easier. With our focus being on Real 'Value for Money' we aim to please. And let's face it, we all work way too hard to be spending money on products or services that do not always live up to expectations, price points or standards. We at FlipNFile continue to learn new things to stay up-to-date and relevant with our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.


We will endeavour to strive for our best - to offer you the best. Although we cannot keep everyone happy, we will do our best. We continue to do market research to enable us to improve our products, services and customer service we provide to you.

Time and Money are so precious these days, often with our commitment to our family or loved ones playing a big part in what we do. Work or Hobby wise, We at FlipNfile understand family values and would like to encourage everyone to find their happy balance.

We highly value your feedback, thoughts or opinions, on how we can continue to improve on marketing, products or services.

We believe FlipNFile is something special. And can help many alleviate their discomforted feet, heels or hands. The multi-purpose use, action and features are also a personal highlight for me. I have a background in carpentry and FlipNFile is ACE for even the average guy who feels he does not need to take care of his feet. Watch out ladies as you man may be sneaking yours out of your shower as soon as he discovers its many other uses and how amazing it really is...

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