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HOW TO USE: FlipNFile is best used wet and the ideal place is in the shower. Alternatively you can soak, scrub or cleanse your feet first. Then, pick your required side – purple side is extra coarse for particularly thick and stubborn hard skin and the black side for gently smoothing and a softer finish.

Hold the FlipNFile in your hand. Make sure the side you want to use, coarse or fine, is flat. Hold that side, which will curve into the area you want to work and concentrate on. Move the FlipNFile in long full length strokes in a filing motion back and forth, over the areas of hard, dry cracked skin that you want to remove. Depending on how thick your hard skin is, try not to push down too hard, as it is best to take the skin back over time rather than all in one go. (Note: Taking back too much skin in one go can lead to tenderness. If its pink stop filing). When you have treated all the hard skin areas with the purple [coarse] side, flip it [INSERT LINK TO FLIP VIDEO] to the black (finer) side,  file it to smooth. Rinse your FlipNFile to remove any excess dry skin and leave it in your shower ready for the next use. Your feet will be starting to feel amazing and smoother after the first use and will only get better over time.

Regular foot care is important to help prevent dry skin and callouses on the feet which can lead to cellulitis. It is also important to helping you to get healthy, happy or beautiful looking feet. We suggest after using your FlipNFile apply a good heel balm.

It is one of the Summer season’s must buys and an easy and effortless way to remove hard skin from your feet without having to make expensive trips to the beauty salon. With its ergonomic shape, flexibility and durable design, your feet will be looking beautiful and smooth. As easy as brushing your teeth.

PLEASE NOTE: do not use if you have broken or irritated skin. If you are a diabetic, seek medical advise if you have any concerns.




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