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Mums and Dads work hard and looking after our babies always come first. No matter what age they are. Sometimes we neglect ourselves to take care of others. However, it is essential to pay attention to your self-care as well. I’m sure we have all heard the saying, you need to be able to take care of yourself before you can help anyone else. After having children, you realise how very true that saying is. 

So what about our feet? Considering we spend an ample amount of time on our feet, we do need to learn to take care of them. FlipNFile now brings you a quick and straightforward solution to make life easier, leaving your feet smoother, happier and healthier. Just leave it in your shower and add it to your daily personal hygiene regime or as needed.

Hands & Nails

As a bonus FlipNFile also doubles up as a nifty nail file. Just use the smooth black side to file down any rough catchy edges on your toes, heels or hands. I also use the black side to file down my children’s nails after cutting them.


Tradies work hard with their hands and are on their feet most of the day. After a hard day’s work, there is nothing more satisfying than kicking off those work boots, having a shower, a good meal and kicking back with your feet up. Many tradies suffer from smelly feet, (see our blog on this below, insert link). Regular use of FlipNFile on your feet in the shower can help remove dead skin cells which contain sweat that has accumulated in your boots over the day. Amazingly enough, our feet can produce over half a litre of sweat per day. Experts advise that it is best to let your boots air out for at least 24hrs before wearing them again. For tradies, this may mean that you need to have 2 sets of work boots and alternate them every second day.

FlipNFile not only helps maintain feet but is also fantastic for tradies who enjoy working with wood or for DIY projects around the home. After discovering how convenient the FlipNFile is and it’s multi-purpose aspects, we have applied it to other odd jobs and have found it to be handy in many different types of scenarios including filing or smoothing woods, metals, plastics or plaster. Any job that requires a file or sander, FlipNFile is the tool for you. Try one today. Let us know if you discover any other handy uses for it by contacting us (insert a link to contact us).


As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and suppleness. Skin can become thick, dry or even scaly. Ageing tends to make our skin prone to drying out faster, and cracks can form in areas, particularly in your hands or feet. Our feet are a long way from our eyes and hands, so often, as we age, caring for our feet can become difficult.

Our feet can begin to cause us problems and sometimes discomfort. With proper care, management and maintenance, you can prevent extreme cases where your cracked heels can sometimes become painful or even bleed. 

By regularly using a FlipNFile in your shower, and a good moisturiser, you can minimise and reduce the number of expensive visits in getting a pedicure or seeing a podiatrist. If you already suffer from extreme foot problems we recommend you consult your GP or podiatrist.

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