• So Tough, It's Scary

    It's so tough that Chuck Norris is possibly scared of it.

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  • So Smooth, You'll think it's Barry White

    The Flip side of the FlipnFile is so smooth it can cut one side of a piece of paper.

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  • There is only one FlipnFile

    Not really, we made heaps. Because we know you'll love them.

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FlipNFile is an Australian Owned & Operated company. All profits remain right here. AU Flag

We have trialed and tested FlipNFile to ensure it is reliable and durable.

Made of 100% waterproof materials and a strong ABS platten.

When used just for feet or hands, FlipNFile will last up to 1-2 years in your shower without needing a replacement. The durable design has taken into account the regular need to swap grits by 'Flipping' the file, and will withstand the test of time, even when exposed to moisture regularly.

FlipNFile have refined the design to ensure we deliver you a product that is built to last. We aim for customer satisfaction. 

FlipNFile is designed to be flexible - not only in operation but also in usage.

FlipNFile has a unique and innovative flipping function, which allows the abrasive belt to be flexible in design and allows for the platen to be easily flipped. This flexible design also allows for filing or smoothing many types of curved or straight edge surfaces. 

Because FlipNFile's unique design allows the grit to be used with or without the hard backing/ black ABS Platen, it can be used for numerous different applications.

FlipNFile uses a unique two grit system that can conveniently switch between grits and stiffness. 

We have two distinct ceramic Grits: 60 grit and 120 grit. The purple side is the coarse Ceramic 60 grit abrasive, ideal for more heavy-duty areas. The black side is the less abrasive 120 grit, for smoothing.

The FlipNFile comes in handy for any DIY projects, including on timbers and other materials, making handy for any household or toolbox.

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