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FlipNFile testimony from Helen.

I am a woman who has had a heel obsession for as long as I can remember. I have always insisted that one can tell a great deal about a woman just by the state of her heels.  A woman can have the most beautiful pair of sandals on, but if her heels are not smooth and supple, the sandal’s beauty is lost in the process.

In my quest to have beautiful heels, all year round, I have finally found what I have been looking for. FlipNFile is the answer. Before FlipNFile, my bathroom drawer was filled with all sorts of foot files such as pumices, egg like letdowns where the filed skin dust would drop all over the floor and other products that I would purchase from beauty parlors and chemists which, looking back, have all been a waste of my hard earned money.

I now am so pleased and satisfied that FlipNFile works wonders on my heels. It provides 2 types of grit for when I require a stronger exfoliation or a finer grit to maintain my heels and entire foot on a daily basis. The other beautiful feature of this sublime invention, it the fact that its length provides me to smooth my tootsies with ease as I do not have to do a great deal of contortionist movements whilst  I’m in the shower. All I need to do is kick my heel up with a few upward and downward motions and I’m done. The fact that FlipNFile is waterproof, is my most favorite aspect as it lives in my shower and I can just use it whenever I’m in there. Flip n File is also durable and strong and it will not disintegrate or fall apart.

I am very excited with this new and innovative  beauty product.

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