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FlipNFile testimony from Jen.

My feet were cracked, dry, extremely hard to the touch and basically had no feeling. I didn’t take care of my feet very often has I’ve entered the life of motherhood. Keeping up myself care wasn’t always a priority. This amazing product could not of come at a more perfect time. I find the flip n file extremely easy to use and quick to use. As a mother I don’t spend a lot of time in the shower so a quick file on my feet while in between washing my hair makes it perfect. After 1 use I literally fell in love and was excited to continue my journey to smooth feet again. After about a week of daily use the cracks on my feet are disappearing and smoothing out. I could not feel mt foot when I touched it but now I have feeling again. I had a huge build up of dry, hard skin and it was rock solid, but with the help of the flip n file I’ve been able to shave away the dead skin.

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