• So Tough, It's Scary

    It's so tough that Chuck Norris is possibly scared of it.

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  • So Smooth, You'll think it's Barry White

    The Flip side of the FlipnFile is so smooth it can cut one side of a piece of paper.

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  • There is only one FlipnFile

    Not really, we made heaps. Because we know you'll love them.

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FlipNFile is an Australian Owned & Operated company. All profits remain right here. AU Flag

Inside the FlipNFile
FlipNfile is the Next Generation tool for the Last Generation user.

FlipnFile top

FlipNFile is a New Innovative hand-held tool which is practical AND user friendly.

FlipNFile was invented for people to help them take care of health, beauty and/or hygiene needs when it comes to their feet or hands, without having to spend lots of money on doctors, chemists or pedicures. Amongst its many uses, it is also practical for people who enjoy home projects and sanding projects when they want the job done right. The super abrasive, purple Ceramic coarse grit compound will smooth any material, whether it is wood, metal, plastic, plaster or Uncle Tom's crusty old sore and dry cracked feet. The smooth black side is even good for Aunty Kate's nails, and is ready to go any time, wet or dry. No Batteries Required.

A foot being filed with Flip N File

Do you have problem feet or callused hands? Interested? Try a FlipNFile Order one today!
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